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EPDM and TPO Roof Services

Our Brandon Family Roofing crews work with both business and homeowners in Brandon, FL and the surrounding areas to provide excellent flat roof services. We take pride in our work, and provide excellent customer service. From your first call, to cleanup after the job is done, you’ll notice that we care about our customers and doing a job right.

Flat Roofing Options

There are many options for flat roofs – built-up roofing, torch down, metal, PVC, and more. EPDM and TPO are two of the most trusted roofing systems currently on the market. EPDM is also known as “rubber roofing” and is a synthetic rubber single-ply membrane roofing material. TPO roofing is the newest type on the market, but still has been in use for decades. What kind of roofing we recommend will depend on your building and roofing needs.

We are happy to visit your home or commercial property to provide a free quote. Our experienced estimator can discuss your project with you and provide a consultation that compares the cost of repairing versus replacing and the pros and cons of the different types of flat roof systems available.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM is usually black, but can also come in white. The black color will absorb sunrays and help cut down on heating costs. While the white color will conform to local “cool roof” guidelines. EPDM comes in large sheets, which can make it more economical than other single-ply roofing options. This membrane roof is installed with fasteners and high quality adhesives. The simple installation can also help you save on labor costs. EPDM is a trusted flat roof system.

TPO Roofs

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a flat roofing material that has been in use since the 1960s. Typically white, TPO can help you receive tax credits for having a “cool roof” and saving on cooling costs. TPO roofs are a single-ply membrane that uses specialty tools to heat weld the seams together. These long-lasting seams help prevent water infiltration and keep your roof in great shape.

Free Consultations

Each flat roofing option has its benefits, and we look forward to discussing them with you. Our local roofing teams offer flat roofing installation, replacement, repair, and inspections. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner with a flat roof that you need service for, give us a call. We look forward to helping with all your roofing needs!

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Flat Roof Services

Roof Replacement

Low slope roofs have a variety of flat roofing materials to choose from. We can go over the advantages of each kind of roof and what may work best for your commercial buildings. Whether your priority is for it to be fire resistant or to stand up to foot traffic, we can find the right choice for you!

Roof Repair

If your next roofing project involves roof repair or maintenance, call us for a free consultation. Standing water (water that pools on the roof surface and does not evaporate between rains) can be a major problem for flat roofs. We offer long-lasting repairs for punctures, blisters, cracking, skylight leaks, and damage from general wear and tear.

Roof Maintenance

Flat roof membranes benefit from routine maintenance. An inspection to ensure that gutters and drains are clear, seams are still tight, and no punctures have occurred will help prevent leaks. Sealing and coating will also help keep your roof in good shape and extend the life of your flat roof.